Funded Projects

Rural Health Network of South Central New York - Getthere Transportation to Employment Program

Getthere’s Transportation to Employment Program (TEP) benefits low-income residents of Broome County who are unemployed, under-employed, or seeking employment, and who have identified transportation as a barrier to employment. Our voucher program utilizes several transportation modes to make employment opportunities more accessible for those who otherwise have been limited by their transportation options to attend job interviews, job training, and long-term employment. Partnering with social service organizations and governmental agencies, we work with case managers to develop cost-effective and efficient transportation options for the individuals they work with who are seeking employment, with the goal of ensuring that each individual can provide their own self-sustained transportation to work once employment has been secured.

Referral: To learn more, contact Shane Doherty at

The Research Foundation of the State of New York - Broome County HEARS Adult Empowerment Series

BC HEARS’ Adult Empowerment Series engages Binghamton residents in an exploration process of themselves and their local community.  The Series provides participants with increased skills in leadership, teamwork, program planning, project implementation, and evaluation practices as they work together to create a local community service project.  The skills gained will allow participants to clearly set education, employment, and community participation goals for themselves.


Referral: If interested in enrolling in the Series or for questions, please contact Erin Marulli at or 607-778-5420.

Mothers & Babies Parinatal Network - Women's Empowerment Circle

The Women’s Empowerment Circle will work with single mothers between the ages of 18 and 32 to identify barriers to employment and/or education while teaching them the skills to reach their goals. The Women’s Empowerment Circle will assist the participants with obtaining gainful employment and/or continuing their education. Over the course of a year, women in the program will attend a Personal Skills Academy and a Career Academy, at the end of which participants will receive a certificate of completion. During the last 6 months of the program, Mothers & Babies Perinatal Network, or one of our partner agencies, will provide program participants with a part-time employment opportunity.


Referral: Individuals can enroll by calling (607) 772-0517 for an appointment to fill out an application. Enrollees will meet with the Women’s Empowerment Circle staff for a face-to-face interview.

WSKG Public Telecommunications Council- Chasing the Dream

Produced by WSKG, Chasing the Dream is a television series that sheds light on the severity of local poverty statistics, daily challenges faced by those living in poverty, root causes of local poverty, the reality of what poverty looks like in our region with real-life stories of individuals and businesses, and the successes and challenges of poverty-reduction efforts taking place in our communities.


Referral: To learn more, contact Bailey Normann at

Broome-Tioga NAACP Economic Development Committee- Youth Employment Prep Program

The program goal is to connect historically marginalized youth to employment opportunities through career development.


Referral: If interested, contact B-TNAACP’s Economic Development Committee at or or call 607-444-1583

An Initiative of United Way of Broome County

The United Way of Broome County provides administrative support and oversight to BBAPI committees.