Broome Community Advocates Project: BCAP

BCAP is a group of individuals with lived experience aiming to change the way people think about being poor. On this journey, we have learned a lot and hope to continue to learn throughout this transformational process. In two to five years from now, we won’t be in the same position. We want to see our efforts trickle down to generations to come, working for solutions that will end generational poverty. BCAP is working with a focus on making a community impact; this project is not solely about the individual. It’s a movement lead by individuals looking inward, into themselves with the intention of taking their newfound empowerment and skill then extending outward to help others find the same within themselves, helping to build the community: a community of people helping people who will pass that along to others.


Binghamton-Broome Anti-Poverty Initiative of United Way of Broome County 

47 North Street

Binghamton, NY 13905




M-F | 8:30am - 4:30pm
(please call for hours during holidays and special circumstances)

The United Way of Broome County provides administrative support and oversight to BBAPI committees.